Welcome to ITLS eTrauma: Taking Trauma Training Online!

International Trauma Life Support is excited to present ITLS eTrauma, 9th edition. ITLS eTrauma sets the standard in trauma care worldwide, with online education that’s interactive, flexible, accessible, and affordable for all.

The 9th edition program features a streamlined, intuitive new user interface and a modern look and feel. New content focuses on updated SMR guidelines, hemorrhage control and TXA, mass shooting events, and more.

If this is your initial registration, please carefully note the Skill Level option when completing the registration fields. This will determine whether you are enrolled in the course for Basic or Advanced level providers. Basic is intended for EMT-Bs and first responders. Advanced is intended for EMT-Ps/paramedics, EMT-Is, all levels of nurses, physician assistants, and physicians.

To complete ITLS eTrauma, you will need to complete 18 lessons and pass 18 lesson quizzes with a score of 80% or higher. When this is achieved, you will be able to print a Course Completion Certificate. This certificate is your record of the 8 hours of CAPCE continuing education credit you have received for successfully completing this course, and will also be required for entry into a Completer Course.

We hope you enjoy ITLS eTrauma and continue your training with ITLS. 

Thank you and good luck!

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ITLS 9th edition